Liebster Awards


Hello dears, I was nominated at the Liebster Awards by https://lavendercee.wordpress.com/2016/02/28/the-liebster-award/  . Thank you so much 😙.

Here are the rules-



Now let’s answer the questions !

1.Do you sing in the car? *Yes,a lot.*

2.Would you rather be attacked by a bear or a lion?* A lion.*

3.What is your favorite drugstore foundation?
Revlon ColorStay Foundation

4.Do you believe in ghosts?*Yes,of course*

5.What is your favorite dessert ?*Chocolate,every kind of chocolate*

6.What is your greatest inspiration source? * The whole world is the greatest source of inspiration,you just need to make time to see it. *

7.What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? *The weirdest thing I’ve eaten a bull’s p***s*

8.What is your opinion on second chances? *Give to someone a secon chance if you are sure that he realy deserve it*

9.If you are going to decorate a house, what is your interior decor style?*My decor style is a balance between modern elements an old elements. I realy like the arhitecture from Renaissance so I can name my decor style Neo-Renaissance. I love to keep it simple with black and white,at the end I add some pop of colour.

10.Burgers or Pizza?* Pizza*

11. Do you like your name? *Yes*

11 random facts about me

1.I hate carrots.
2.I listen a lot of rock music
3. My favourite colour is blue.
4. I have never drank coffe.
5. I appear in the Guinnes Book of Records
6.I have never deyed my hair.
7.I hate school
8.Fencing is my life
9. My favourite artist is Leonardo DaVinci
10. Spiders realy scares me
11. I’m only 14 year old

My questions:

1.What’s your favourite parfume ?
2. Snapchat or Instagram ?
3. Do you like coffe or tea ?
4. How would you describe your style ?
5. Do you belive in love at first sight ?
6. Have you ever used a green eyeliner ?
7.Do you like art ?
8. What’s your favourite actress ?
9. Vogue or Cosmopolitan ?
10. What’s your favourite blog ?
11. Are you confident ?

And the nominees are :

– THE CLOSET FROM HELL http://theclosetfromhell.com/
-Blush & Beyond http://www.blushandbeyond.net/
-D’yan lang https://dyanlang.wordpress.com/
-Fabulizer https://fabulizer1234.wordpress.com/
-Glitters and fashion https://glittersandfashion.wordpress.com/
-Hey it’s Frances too https://heyitsfrancesto.wordpress.com/


Buna !

Buna,sunt Daria !!Acum sper sa incep un lung drum in lumea modei si a blog-igului.Sper sa fiti alaturi de mine,asa ca sa incepem.Azi va propun cateva outfit-uri perfecte pentru servici.